It all started in 1994. I got my CAP (training certificate) in guitar-making from ITEMM (European Technological University for Music) where I studied for two years under Marc Lucas, Jean-Pierre Malherbe et Joël Laplanne. Their professionalism and their very different conception of guitar-making played an important part in my training.

I went then to Bastia (Corsica) to improve my skills with Christian Magdeleine. I faced with him the reality of the daily management of a luthier workshop and I assisted him in the making of his classical concert guitars. I also learn the making of ceteras (traditional corsican cistres).

In 1996, Dominique David put me in charge of the workshop of Melody Maker, a music shop in Clermont-Ferrand specialized in guitars. I worked there for five years repairing, adjusting and maintaining many classical guitars, folk guitars (Guild, Martin...) and american electric guitars (Fender, Gibson...).

I decided then to specialize in restoring and preserving. I met Daniel and Françoise Sinier de Ridder, luthiers and experts in ancient instruments. I have been their assistant for two years and they taught me restoration and preservation techniques.

After these years of professional practice, I decided to open my own workshop in Clermont Ferrand in 2003.

I was awarded a SEMA prize for my work of restoration on a 1790 Gio Battista Fabricatore guitar in 2004 and the same year, I was awarded the national prize at the Concours Talents de l'Artisanat et du Commerce.

In 2006, I joined the Sainte Cécile Society (a group of experts working on music instruments sold during auctions) and I have been acting as an expert for several auction houses since then.

I build each year in my workshop three or four guitars (classical, contemporary or copy of ancient models). The rest of my time is dedicated to restoration and conservation work on plucked strings instruments. I work on instruments made by famous makers such as Lambert, Renault and Chatelain, Lacote, Grobert, Martin, Salomon, Roudhloff, Friederich, Selmer, Maccaferri, Fabricatore, Vinnaccia, Pages, Santos Hernandez, Manuel and Jose Ramirez, Fleta... I also repair 1950's to 1970's american and european guitars suxh as Gibson, Martin, Fender, Framus, Eko, Hofner, Jacobacci...

Since october 2009, I have been working in my workshop with my collegue Nora Gebhardt.

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