::: Renault et Châtelain archcittern - 1789 :::
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- before restoration
- after restoration
Date : 1789
Made by : Renault & Châtelain, french,
active : 1772-1811
In : Paris, France
Materials : maple, spruce, ebony, ivory

Nice archcittern with two branding marks on the table and the body “S. RENAULT A. PARIS” and a label “RENAULT & CHATELAIN, rue de Braque, au coin de la rue Ste Avoye. A Paris, 1789”. The instrument had fractures on the table and the sides. All mobile parts were missing (bridge, pegs, parts made of bone, strings, nut) as well as some sides of the sounding board. The gasket on the bottom is off. However, there is still the original rosette. I had to open the instrument to mend the fractures inside and strenghen the table and the sides with cleats and fabric. I removed the bottom sticks and glued the central gasket. I then put it back together and fixed patches on the table.

Instrument purchased by the Boston Museum of Fine Arts in 2006 (Classification: Musical instruments, Accession number : 2006.1223) [see it on the MFA website ]

Bibliography :
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Web :
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