::: Lambert guitar - 1784 :::
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- before restoration
- after restoration
Date : 1784
Made by : Lambert workshop (Jean-Nicolas Lambert, french, 1708-1761)
In : Paris, France
Materials : maple, mahogany, spruce, ebony, mother of pearl, ivory

Instrument with a dedication « à Melle Clarisse Biolay » branded on the body and this label inside « LAMBERT à PARIS N° 1784 ». It is an interesting transition instrument. Though it has all the characteristics of a baroque guitar, it is in fact a 6 simple string guitar, which is uncommon for a 1784 instrument. Baroque guitars only had 5 double strings. When observed under a Wood’s lamp, the varnish appears unified, which confirms that it is not a tranformed baroque guitar – which is very common – but indeed an instrument originaly made with 6 simple strings. This uncommon quality, and the fact that it is an instrument by a major guitar maker gives it an exceptional historical value. It is therefore a precious testimony of the evolution of 18th century guitar making in France. When it was given to me, its original bridge was aside, the gasket of the souding board was loose, some ebony and mother-of-pearl parts were missing and therer was a small fracture on the bottom. It was however in a very good state.

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