::: Selmer guitar - c. 1941 :::
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- before restoration
- after restoration
Date : c. 1941
Made by : Selmer
In : Paris, France
Materials : mahogany, spruce, wallnut, ebony

Instrument wearing a label« FABRIQUE EN FRANCE SELMER & Cie 520 PARIS 520 ».This guitar is entirely made of solid wood (mahogany for the bottom and the sides, spruce for the board, walnut for the neck and ebony for the saddle). Il is still in its original case. This instrument has been extremely poorly restored : the sides were plated with mahogany in order to conceal fractures and splinters ; the head was screwed and fractures on the bottom were filled with glue. In order to restore it properly, I had to remedy to this poor work. I had to open the instrument to mend the fractures glue back seceral parts together on the bottom and on the board. The difficult work is then to rebuild the sides using all the original parts. To strengthen the instrument, I use a light and robust material – canvas – to coat the inside of the sides. Finally, I unify the varnish and the patina so that they match with the original varnish still on the bottom.

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