::: Louvet hurdy-gurdy - 1766 :::
see details :
- before restoration
- after restoration
Date : 1766
Made by : Pierre Louvet,
french, 17?? - 1784
In : Paris, France
Materials : mahogany, maple, spruce, ebony, ivory, bone

Instrument wearing the label « fait par PIERRE LOUVET rue Montmartre à LA VIELLE ROYALE A Paris 1766 ». Pierre Louvet is a very important 18th century parisian luthier. He made many instruments and has a very good reputation. The sculpted head of this hurdy-gurdy is very uncommon in his production. This instrument was in a very bad state : its different parts are loose in a bag when it was given to me. Some parts are even missing (lid and clasp of the keyboard, wheel cover, one tangent, bridge, all the marquetry, 5 ivory pieces, some keys). I make copies of these parts from other models by Louvet. This heavy restoration work is justified considering the important esthetical and historical value of the instrument.

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